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Ebi Atawodi: Uber Nigeria’s General Manager

About Her:
Ebi Atawodi holds a Bachelors with Honours in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Nottingham. She obtained a Masters in Computing Science from Imperial College London with focus on Artificial Intelligence and Infographics. Ebi is a competitive Hobie Cat sailor. She is also very passionate about scuba diving.
Ebi Atawodi hails from Kogi State in Nigeria. She was born in Lagos but had her elementary school in Benue State Nigeria.
Ebi moved to Pakistan and attended Pakistan Air Force School. She relocated back to Kaduna State where she attended Turaki International School. Her family later moved to the United Kingdom leading to her post-elementary education at Samany College. She took her A level at Irwin College.

Her Work:
Ebi Atawodi did not just surface from the clouds. She went through a process which made her who she is today. Her first job was co-founding a business start-up called Connect2Car where her team built a mobile application that allowed people to interface with their cars.
Ebi Atawodi knew her love for technology and decided to pursue a career in that line. She worked as a software developer for the first five years of her career. Ebi’s dream was to do something that would impact on lives and extend to at least two or three generations. We would say Ebi is currently living her dreams.
Ebi Atawodi has an experience of over a decade in marketing communications, brand strategy, digital/new media, product activation, brand amplification and corporate sponsorships experience. Prior to her position at Uber as General Manager for Lagos, she was formerly the Head of Corporate Communications and High Value Sponsorships at Etisalat. Uber is an app-based transportation network and taxi company whereas Etisalat is the fourth and fastest growing telecommunications company in Nigeria and 12th in the world.
At Uber, Ebi Atawodi has the mandate of making Uber Lagos as influential and profitable as the parent company. Ebi has not done badly for a start. According to company reports, Uber Lagos has recorded a 10-times growth in the company’s supply within six months, as well as a hundred-fold growth in demand.
Ebi Atawodi is also the creator of the Etisalat Prize for Literature – Africa’s most prestigious literary prize. While at Etisalat, she also created the Etisalat Music platform called Cloud9.
Being an unapologetic believer in the arts, Ebi has published two books on photography –Nigerians Behind the Lens and FIVE.
She has also worked in various roles/projects for Nokia, FirstBank, Booz & Company, Afren, GlaxoSmithKlein, Channel 4, Inden and Bupa.
She was part of the team that started the first Apple product premium seller in Nigeria where she worked for 2 years.

Why We Love Her:
When asked why she chose to work with Uber, Ebi gave the most intelligent answer which every woman should always remember. She said, “As you grow, you want new set of challenges. You want to tackle a new set of problems. My belief is that when you are open to learning new things and you have a certain level of experience, you can take on any challenge.”
As tech-savvy women, we truly believe that generating/developing ideas, as well as working towards making those ideas a reality even in the midst of challenges is key to a successful and result oriented career.

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