About Her:

Ire hails from Ogun state. She was born into the family of Late Mr Tayo and Mrs Olunfunlola Aderinokun. Ire had a bit of career crisis which made her switch from several educational background and finally decided to be a professional Software developer and User Interface designer. Here’s more on the switch in her educational background:

She is currently the Head of Designs and Tech at Big Cabal Media, the publishers of online publications such as TechCabal and Zikoko. Ire has designed and worked on several open source side projects as a freelancer.

Her Work:

Ire has designed and worked on several open source side projects at TechCabal as a freelancer and an employee.

She designed the website for Studio of Mode; a company that creates space for the voice of creativity with several skills that can be clearly understood.

Miss Aderinokun created an App called Formback; a hackable sass -based form reset for forms.

She  designed “Designers News for Pebble"; an application for the pebble smartwatch that displays the top and recent stories from Designer News.

One of Aderinokun project is Instachrome; an extension for Google Chrome that displays Instagram posts from a tag of your choice which has over 200 active users.

She created a blog called "Bits of Code" for self-taught web developers. The blog was geared when she was struggling to get clients.

A fun bot for slacks that mimics Dj Khaleed called 'Khaleed Bot' was featured on ProductHunt.

She designed a free theme marketplace for ghost blogging platform called Open Writer. It has been featured in a list of superb Free and Premium Ghost Themes.

Miss Ire designed the Unofficial 'canIuse Embed'; which is an embedded widget to display updates from which  displays feature support data for multiple versions of the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc.

Some of her favorites works are Le Retail, Bode Agusto, and Supper Club among others.

Why TechHer Loves Her:

We are inspired by her learning skills on web development and user interface. It shows her passion towards technology. Her switch in career was more about confidence in her abilities. This would inspire women who think they are not capable of doing something different from what they studied in school or what seem comfortable to them.

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