About Her:

Ized  Uanikhehi has spent the past 5 years changing the digital landscape through her work: using digital for advocacy and helping startup promote their businesses through digital. She Co-founded the DigiClanAfrica Community; it is a community of people working in the Digital Media industry committed to the growth of the Industry, to learn from each other, to collaborate, to foster networking between members, to inspire growth in the Industry and set standards that will ensure that we all grow together.  Though she continue to work on her community,  but she’s also strengthening female led  businesses and getting more women into tech by dedicating resources and attention to these women.

Ized is a first class graduate of Biochemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo state, Nigeria, an astute user of digital technology and a lover of books.and has certifications in Project Management, Content Marketing, and Digital Media Marketing. She is currently Project Manager at design and digital agency Indigo Arya Limited, where she runs the Nigeria office. She also writes for CNNAFRICA

Her Work:

She is Head, Digital Media of Stand to End rape ; an organisation that is on a mission to end all forms of rape and to provide education and reverse thinking actions that contribute to rape. To provide psycho-social services  and support to survivors of rape.

From March 2014, she was the managing partner for , Nigeria's premium and Only Data Sharing Website. They curate Nigerian Data from all sectors, get all the information and Data you require for your research from one place.

Ized also founded the company called StartINV Africa, it is a full service platform/help center for investigating direct investment options and joint ventures in Nigeria and subsequently in Africa. All registered Start-Ups would undergo a due diligence process to ensure legitimacy and preparedness (legal and financial documentation), to foster Investor confidence. They built a crowdfunding App called The StartIN Funds App. is a crowdfunding, crowdlending Web based App that is mostly Investor-centric.  All StartUps undergo Due Diligence and background check and are certified safe to do business with.

As the tech ecosystem continues to grow, she has pitched the tent of thee digiclan community across major cities in Nigeria. The aim of the this community is educate digital Marketers on the latest tools within the industry and help ease their work.


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