Gladys King’ori: Transforming Financial Services Through Technology

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Gladys King’ori is a former banker and Fintech Entrepreneur; she is transforming the financial services in Kenya through technology. She is passionate about financial service inclusion, access and delivery in Africa. Gladys’ background in providing financial services has spanned 11 years, working in many sectors including business, public and private service. She serves as an inspiration to […]

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Nanjira Sambuli: The woman of many parts

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Nanjira Sambuli is a mathematician, new media strategist and technology enthusiast based in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s a keen observer on how technology is impacting governance, media and culture. With iHub Research, Nanjira has developed a framework for assessing the viability, verification, and validity of crowd-sourcing information for her projects. One of them is Umati, an online dangerous […]