Moyinoluwa Adeyemi is an app developer, tech enthusiast and blogger from Ogun State, Nigeria. Moyin’s love for technology and her passion to use it to solve problems has led her to create more than 7 mobile apps that provide innovative solutions to a myriad of problems. Her apps have tackled everything from tourism to education to social interactions. She has also worked as a software engineer.

She has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer science from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife alongside certificates in Oracle and apps development from Udacity.

In 2016, she created an app that tells the time in Yoruba which is available on android platforms. She is currently an android developer at Off.Grid:Electric where she is part of a team working on an app that enables people in Sub-Saharan Africa to have access to clean energy.

Some of the apps she has worked on include Tour9ja, created in 2012. It is an android app that allows tourists/natives in Nigeria to know more about the states in Nigeria. Moyinoluwa was part of the team that created the application. In October 2013, she developed a web application/android mobile app called ‘Efficacy’ at the National Software Competition, where she emerged as the 1st runner up. Efficacy was designed to detect counterfeit drugs in Nigeria. She was also part of the team that developed an educational app called “Kawe” (which means read in Yoruba language). Kawe came in 2nd place at Google ILO.


In November 2013, Moyinoluwa and two of her colleagues, Adeyemi Olaoye and Adegoke Obasa created another app called “Molebi” (meaning family). The app was created with the intent to connect families. The application allows you to add your family members from all social networks and then create a family tree.

Moyin is also very passionate about increasing the visibility of girls and women in technology. She started the first Women Techmakers group in Nigeria at her university in 2013 and she regularly organizes and hosts conferences for the Google Developers Group in Lagos.

She loves learning and sharing her knowledge about technology; she helps young girls get started with programming and she has a blog where she talks about a variety of tech related issues and the latest in tech news.

Moyin is currently a senior andriod developer at ZOLA Electric, a company working on the frontlines to make clean, reliable and affordable energy available to all.

#TechHer loves her because Moyinoluwa is an inspiration to young women thinking about a career in technology. As she always says, “We want more women with laptop bags”. She craves to see more women in technology inventing great and brilliant ideas. She is also proof that hard work pays.

Blessing Ebowe graduated in 2013 from the University of Benin with a degree in Electrical engineering. She loves to watch movies, play Mortal Kombat and be photographed.
Blessing was a Mathematics Tutor during her one year of National Service to her country, Nigeria. She taught students at the Junior and Senior Secondary school level on Mathematics.
She also has various certifications in Front-end java script frameworks, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, real time web with Node.js and The shape of JavaScript. These she obtained from Coursera; an e-learning platform and Code school.

Her Work:
Blessing Ebowe is a Software developer at Andela. Her interests is on utilising the creative power of programming to optimize human efforts in everyday life. Blessing has worked with Ruby on Rails to build web applications, APIs, and command-line gems at Andela. Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby programming language.
She has created a web application that helps event organizers to manage promotions, ticket sales, email notifications and website sub-domains for their events, more easily.
She has also worked with the PEAN stack to implement new features on a web application used within Andela. The application helps to record, track, and analyse performance assessments of developers conducted by the developers themselves, their peers, and their trainers.
Blessing Ebowe is currently leading a team at Andela that is contributing to Free Code Camp. The Free Code Camp is an open source project that helps users learn how to code, connect with other developers in their local community, and build technology solutions for non-profits. She is also currently part of The Releaf Group team working as Quality Assurance engineers, ensuring software products are standard.
Blessing Ebowe was among the soft ware developers that Facebook Founder, Mark Zukerberg met during his visit to Nigeria in August 2016. Her discussions with Mark include how she got into Andela, how Andela has improved her not just as a developer but also as an individual and most importantly the challenges of being a software developer in Nigeria.

Why We Love Her:
Blessing believes in the power of focus and consistency. She is a goal getter whose eyes are always on the price. Even though her first application to Andela was unsuccessful, Blessing never gave up until she got the YES.
Every woman should aspire to have same zeal in every space they find themselves. You can't tell what you can achieve when you push to make your dreams come true. Be like Blessing Ebowe.

Dr. Omobola Johnson is a Nigerian technocrat and the pioneer Minister of Communication Technology; a position she acquired following her appointment as part of the transformation Agenda of the Goodluck Jonathan government. She came on board with a wealth of experience and an intimidating resume that has impacted positively on the sector in the last twenty four months.

Before now, Omobola Johnson served as the Country manager for Accenture Nigeria. She had her education at the International School Ibadan and the University of Manchester (BEng, Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and King's College London (MSc, Digital Electronics). She has a PhD from Cranfield University.  She has earned several public commendations since taking up her position. She also serves as role model to women across Nigeria.

Before her ministerial appointment, she was Country Managing Director for Accenture, Nigeria. She had worked with Accenture since 1985 when it was Anderson Consulting. Omobola has over 25 years consulting experience and has worked with a cross-section of companies in a variety of industries. She successfully transformed these companies into more competitive and dynamic organisations.

Omobola Johnson's Work:

Why TechHer Loves Dr. Omobola Johnson:

TechHer loves Omobola Johnson for her passion for technology, creating enabling environment for technology to thrive in Nigeria and her zeal to ensuring that telecoms companies are up and doing in their service delivery.


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About Her:

Isioma Idemudia is a Nigerian info tech expert with over 10 years of technology management experience. She is also an innovation specialist whose passion and ideas have significantly birthed and helped start-ups and tech related entrepreneurial activities.

In 2006, she graduated with a Second Class Upper B. Tech in Computer Software Engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

In 2012, she earned her Master’s in information technology from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Aside her qualifications, she is also knowledgeable in artificial intelligence, business process re-engineering, system analysis and design.

In 2014, she enrolled for a professional program at the Harvard University, U.S.A where she studied innovation and strategy.

Isioma Idemudia got her Ph.D in Innovation and Management from the Institute of Engineering, Innovation and Technology Management. Her research topic was on Investigating critical failure factors for agile software projects in Nigeria. Her skills include project management, database management, risk management, business intelligence and agile methodologies.

She is also an Oracle Certified Database Administrator and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

Her Work:

The bottom line of her works is that she has been able to design an effective medium in making use of her knowledge in providing businesses with the right information. When one reads in between the lines regarding her achievements, the following key terms and more could be coined; consultant, innovator, teacher, expert, mentor, corporate advisor, business coach and tech start-up specialist. Call her any of these and you are right!

Why TechHer Loves Her:

She is a passion driven innovation strategist who has leveraged on technology to activate her ideas and concepts. Isioma Idemudia derives great pleasure in seeing businesses prosper. She is also determined to positively do her best for tech related start-ups in Nigeria.

Her efforts in positively influencing children via The Tutor Hub and her work at the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria is a worthwhile one. These would benefit our society as her mentoring skills would help shape teenagers into responsible and better adults.

A final lesson for us all is that Isioma Idemudia is never afraid of challenges. We should endeavor to always make use of our analytical skills which will always yield results.

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About Her:

Ofure Ukpebor is a 22-year-old computer programmer, freelancer and head of technology at Anakle Nigeria. Anakle Nigeria is a digital company that provides innovative solutions to clients.

She is originally from Edo State in Nigeria and graduated with a first class degree in Computer Science from Babcock University, Nigeria in 2012.

She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Computer Science at City University of New York, America and will conclude the programme in 2017.

In 2009, she got an Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert qualification from Microsoft Inc. and became a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist after obtaining a CompTia license in June 2010.

She is also very proficient with JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, and Java languages (amongst others).

Her Work:

The followings are some of the projects Ofure Ukpebor has worked on:

Why TechHer Loves Her:

We love her because she is a resolute and innovative young woman. She is one who’s got brain, intelligence she puts to work. She once said “I strongly believe learning never ends and I try to put in my best in everything I do”.

To us she is a great hope for the future; for women in technology in Nigeria and Africa.

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About Her:

Honey Ogundeyi is a well-known Management Consultant with a decade old experience in Internet, Telecoms, Brand Management and Business Consulting. She is also skilful in web commerce, online and mobile advertising.

Honey is the Founder and CEO of Fashpa; an exceptional online retail store that provides customers with trendy fashion and accessories in Nigeria and beyond. She hails from a family of entrepreneurs and graduated with a B.Sc. in Public Policy from the University of Birmingham in 2004.

Honey started Fashpa because of a number of reasons. She was unable to buy a pair of shoes because it was unnecessarily exorbitant. Therefore there is a need to ensure the accessibility and affordability of quality clothing to help Nigerians and other Africans stay in touch with their culture via fashion.

Before Fashpa, Honey Ogundeyi carved a niche for herself with the various places she worked and the career she built in all the different countries she's lived in!

Her Work:

Aside her many achievements, Honey Ogundeyi has been recognized and honoured by prominent international/national non-profit outfits for the excellent role she has been playing in using technological platforms to inspire today’s women in Africa.

Start-ups greats are still awed by her ability to fuse trendy fashion with technology in Nigeria. Fashpa, has also become a popular clothing line and fashion lifestyle brand that is sought by customers in Africa and beyond.

Why TechHer Loves Her:

Honey Ogundeyi is driven by the desire to make an impact. The lesson for women is that we can leverage on technology as an enabler both for starting and promoting great concepts. We will never know until we try!

Honey Ogundeyi belongs to the ‘Never Give Up’ school of thought, and has always written about women starting small. She believes that everything great starts small. She says Fashpa started in her bedroom before she got an office. This trendy fashion brand is a testament of her problem solving skills.

Honey Ogundeyi once said “...I think what is interesting about developing online platforms is that you can’t just apply what happens in Europe and America to this market. So you have to adapt it and make it relevant to our Nigerian and African customer.”

How are you adapting technology to suit your market/community/audience today?

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Funke Opeke

About Her

Funke Opeke is Nigerian by birth. She is the Founder and CEO of Main One Cable; an Internet solutions company in Nigeria that built a sub-marine cable system which provides advanced network, voice, data, and cloud services to locations across West Africa.

Funke was born into a lovely family and has six siblings; she grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State. Her father was the first indigenous Director of the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria and her mum once worked as Head Teacher of different Catholic private schools in Ibadan.

She attended Queen’s School, Ibadan for High School, and graduated with a B.Sc  in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University in 1981. She also has a Master’s Degree in the same discipline from Columbia University, New York; she got that in 1984.


Her Work

She started her career as a Systems Engineer, then joined PA Consulting Group where she held several senior positions at Allied Signal and Telcordia Communications.

Part of Main One Cable’s mission is to start a cyber revolution that would connect the whole of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Funke Opeke has a keen interest in identifying and utilizing opportunities, and this shines through all the projects she gets involved in.

In 2012, Funke was recipient of the CNBC All Africa Businesswoman of the Year Award. She is  a member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, USA and the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

On the 20th of January 2015, Funke Opeke was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director to the Board of Atlas Mara, a top notch investor relations firm.

Why TechHer Loves Her

She’s a rare Amazon and epitome of hard work for women folk and a result-oriented Engineer. She’ s a woman with great foresight, and has excellent work ethic. She sees problems as surmountable challenges, which is perhaps one of the reasons she started Main One in the first place. Beyond being shocked at the abysmal level of internet connectivity, she did something.

Prior to Main One Cable, she advocated for the fair treatment of subordinates, especially junior employees in her work places.

Funke Opeke is known to have said  "While the developed world was fully connected, here in Nigeria the average young person didn't know what the internet was. We can’t leave an entire generation of young people without prosper access to the internet." We agree, and are inspired by her achievements.


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About Her:

Dr Tomi Oladepo is an independent media consultant, writer, blogger and researcher who is interested in digital public sphere, human and cultural rights. She hails from the western region of Nigeria.

Dr Oladepo's academic records are enviable. It is a clear testament to her hardworking nature.

Dr. Tomi has received several notable Awards and Honours for her distinctive and brilliant productions including:

About Her Work:

Dr. Tomi is creative in thinking as well as a problem solver. She started her career in 2008 as a Client Service Executive at Shared Insight, Lagos, Nigeria. She moved to Coventry, United Kingdom for her Master's Degree doubling as a production assistant and researcher at Metal Dog Media from 2010-2011.

From October 2013-January 2014, Dr.Oladepo worked as Research Administrator on the IBTV Symposium at the University of Warwick and University of York.

She has experience in radio broadcasting, film and documentary production. She has featured severally on programmes by the BBC World Service including being a guest editor and participant at the World Service's 80th Anniversary Focus on Africa programme.

Dr. Tomi also worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant  at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies from November 2011 to July 2015 at Warwick University. As part of the panel members on assessment of assigned modules at the University of Warwick, she prepared and delivered modules on social media engagement in Africa for 2013/2014.

She is also founder and Editor of Stylish Academic which features fashion and lifestyle for the academic. Stylish Academic dismantles the notion that scholars are not/cannot be fashionable. She also owns the blog Digital Media Culturewhich is woven around how digital media affects our work and play. She investigates the fast growing digital media environment and how it enhances and also presents challenges.

She was a panel member at the 'African Women Decade- Make Every Woman Count' in January 2014. There was a discussion on the Internet, information and technology as tools of empowerment. Her panel focused on how African women are using technology and social media for economic, political and social empowerment.

Her publications include:

Why TechHer Loves Her:

Dr Oladepo is a brilliant scholar who is fascinated by the ways technology (new media) affects/enhances the society at large. She is an inspiration to all women because we cannot only do what we are passionate about; we can be brilliant at it too.

Information gleaned from the internet.

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