Once ranked no. 4 on Github’s list of best programmers in the country, Olubukola Makinwa - self-taught programmer and developer extraordinaire - is in a class of her own.

Formerly a technical team lead & lead facilitator at Andela, Olubukola is a programmer/full stack developer fascinated about the web and its technologies. She wrote her first programming language (Java) as an undergraduate.

She graduated with a first class degree from the University of Babcock. She is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and also has certifications from the Neuroscience of Learning and the App Evolution with Swift.

From 2016-2018, Olubukola worked with Andela as the Lead Facilitator and Technical Team Lead. Before that, she was the lead developer at Swap Space in 2015, a company that delivers IT solutions and services. She has also worked as a technical support for and was a Web Developer at She worked on projects like Online Digital Library, CNV Framework, Converg (Beta Version) a web-based platform that helps coders connect, support and learn from each other in real time.

Some of her awards include Best Graduating Student, Department of Computer Science with the Highest CGPA and also from the School of Computing and Engineering Science.

She currently works as a software engineer at Contentful, a German based company.

Why TechHerLoves Her

Olubukola is a self-taught programmer who rose to become one of the best in the country. Her brilliance, passion for the science of learning and her conviction that one can learn anything motivates us to take on challenges.

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