Maya Horgan Famodu is a Nigerian - American, who is the founder and Ecosystem Architect of Ingressive which is an investment and mentorship platform for African founders. She attended Pomona College after completing the Cornell University Prelaw Program, and worked within the banking sector of JPMorgan Chase. She also conducted extensive emerging market economic research in the Caribbean, Central American, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and West African before starting Ingressive. In her spare time, Maya loves to exercise, ride her motorcycle, and travel. She also dances, choreographs, and regularly contributes to the Huffington Post. She speaks Yoruba and Spanish.

Her Work:
She founded ingressive which provides legal, auditing, financial services to facilitate loans, equity and fund contributions for start up. Ingressive hosts 10,000 entrepreneurs and 2500 Africa- based investors.
At ingressive, they have a semi-annual Tour of Tech trips to the continent where tech investors and successful founders come to meet, mentor, and learn from local ecosystem leaders. The annual Tour of Tech trip for 2016 will take place in Lagos on the 15 – 20 November.
Ms. Horgan-Famodu regularly organizes Influencers Salons around the world, convening Africa's startup elite to do business with global investors and tech companies looking to expand to the continent. Some Influencers Salons clients include Orange Telecom, Andela, and will feature GitHub and New Relic this fall.
In 2013 - 2015, she worked at the Hufftington post as a blogger and was awarded her own column in 2014 by Arianna Hufftington.

Why TechHer Loves Her:
Miss Maya is hardworking and puts the needs of others before hers. She provides a platform for entrepreneurs to meet investors who provide funds for their businesses.

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