Haweya Mohamed was born and raised in Fontainebleau, France. She used to work in very big and attractive companies but always had the urge to do something with Africa. Her last corporate job was in Casablanca. According to Haweya, “Casablanca is a hub and a door into the African continent”
She is the Head of Communications and co-founder of Afrobytes which is the first hub dedicated to African tech in Europe. Haweya advises top executive Business leaders and Influencers. As co-founder of Afrobytes, she uses her expertise to promote Africa brand.
She knows that in Africa, women are at the frontline of education, agriculture, health etc. She believes that they are also the ones able to create successful “problem solving” companies as long as we offer them the opportunity to embrace tech.

Her Work:
She is the co-founder and head of communications in Afrobytes.
She has spoken on the reason why women and Diaspora matter for innovation.
Haweya is a director of AMREF (Association for Medical Research in Africa, the first African public health NGO) France, ambassador and spokesperson of the campaign, 'Stand Up for African Mothers' and Project manager in communication with the National Investment Company to Casablanca.

Why TechHer Loves Her:
She is a powerful woman both physical and mental. She understands that women should be motivated to venture into technology. She fights for women empowerment and advocates for proper health care for women.

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