Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni : The Wogrammer.

Dr. Dorothy Okello: Breaking the Glass Ceiling.

Kehinde Oni: The Queen of Code

Aisha Bello: The Tech Enthusiast

Dr. Nneka Mobisson: Turning Tragedy to Triumph

Damilola Solesi- Follow your Dreams!

Olubukola Makinwa: The Rockstar Developer

Dr. Chao Mbogo: Setting the Standard for Excellence

Emem R. Usanga - The Business and Tech Guru

Ethel D. Cofie: Woman on a mission

Evelyn Namara: Tech has no gender!

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi: The Go-getter.

Judith Owigar: The Revolutionary

Ebi Atawodi: Reach for the Heights!

Farida Bedwei: Impossible is Nothing!

Jemila Wumpini Abdullai: When Passion Becomes Profession.

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