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Farida Bedwei: Impossible is nothing!

faridaAbout Her – Farida Bedwei was born in Lagos, in 1979, spending her early childhood life in Dominica, Grenada and the U.K. Her family moved to Ghana when she was 9 years old.

When she was 10 Farida was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a medical condition usually caused by brain damage before or at birth that causes the loss of sensation or control of movement in the arms and legs. She was homeschooled till she turned 12.

As a young child however, she developed a keen interest for computer, and didn’t let her disability stop her from living out her dream of working around them. Farida attended a one-year course in St. Michael Information Technology   center to study software engineering; she holds an IMIS Diploma, and a Diploma in E-Technology. Miss Bedwei also has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK and a Project Management Professional Certificate from GIMPA. She is a member of the Ghana Institute of Management.

About Her Work – Farida Bedwei is a software architect with over 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of mobile and enterprise software in Ghana.

As part of her career progression, she worked as a senior software architect at Rancard Solutions for nine years, attending part-time school at the same time. It was from this job she took a year off to study at Hertfordshire and then returned to continue working for Rancard.

She joined G-Life Financial Services in 2010. The company created a platform that wasn’t efficient for micro financing, so with Derrick Dankyi, a fellow colleague at the company, they started building their own cloud software platform called gKudi.

Since April 2011 to date, Farida, the Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer of Logiciel Ltd, Accra, Ghana, now has a primary focus – building mobile and financial software for the West African market. Their product? gKudi.

Miss Bedwei had this to say of gKudi “it helps micro finance banks make valid decisions especially on what to do, it helps them cut out fraud and in knowing the precise target audience of people who are in dire need of loans.”

Her greatest achievement is the development of a cloud software platform that is being used by 130 micro-finance companies nationwide. These institutions administer loans to their customers by sending a code to their mobile phones via SMS. That code can be exchanged for money at any branch, making small loans available immediately.

#TechHer loves her because

Farida is a role model to  the male and female gender, abled and disabled persons. And she promotes a platform that encourages more women to study technology related courses.

She’s also a member of the Girls in ICT Committee – a group established to encourage more women to pursue IT careers.

She is the author of a book, the Definition of a miracle, and has become one of the most successful technologists in Africa. In 2013, South Africa’s CEO Magazine named her the Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in Africa for the financial sector among other awards.

Disability doesn’t mean disadvantage.

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