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Kehinde Oni:

About Her:

Kehinde Oni has skills in Javascript, AngularJs,MongoDB . She is a graduated from University of Ilorin in 2012 with a degree in Mathematics. Back in her university days, she tutored kids on mathematics during summer breaks.

Kehinde is a daughter of an architect and a small business owner who eagerly desires to launch her start up, with the intent of empowering Nigerian children to follow career paths of their own choosing.

Miss Oni is a Software developer at Andela and also a member of AIESEC. Andela is a global talent accelerator that produces world-class developers and connects them with top employers.

Her Work.
In 2010, kehinde was an Exchange Programme Intern for AIESEC Ghana. She volunteered for a period of 1 month. She was part of a team that organized a workshop themed, “Project YES (Young Entrepreneurs)”. It was aimed at empowering undergraduates in tertiary institutions. I was actively involved in the planning process and also, sourced for funds via sponsors to get training materials needed for the workshop

Kehinde is the Vice President for SheLovesCode, founded in August 2015.  SheLovesCode is an initiative of the female developers at Andela. It was born out of the apparent gender gap in Andela and the tech world generally.

As the Vice President of this initiative, she ensures every activity carried out by the SheLovesCode organization goes on as it should be.
Take charge of the administrative duties of SheLovesCode and works in the capacity of the President in her absence.
In April 2015, she worked with other team members to develop a Civic Graph, an open source, crowdsourced knowledge base and data visualization project. It aims to map the civic tech community players and connections — their types, locations and levels of influence in an interactive, intuitive, and modern way.

In July 2015, she worked on a project called Executer. Executer is a mobile App that uses scheduled information from your Google Calendar to figure out where you are and where you need to be at any point in time. It then helps you to schedule an Uber pick up with enough time for you to make it to your next appointment just in time. In just a few clicks, you’re sorted.

Why TechHer Loves Her:

Kehinde is smart, intelligent and self motivated. Thriving  in technology can sometimes be a bit difficult for women in Africa, but she has created a niche in the tech space.

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